Issue:  OEM Customer having chronic problems with breaking parts from an obsolete supplier.

Review:  Milco Engineering met with plant personnel to review existing designs and problems.


  1. Milco’s evaluation reveals design shortcomings of the customer’s current weld guns.
  2. Milco proposes redesign of main gun components to be installed as “kits” on existing obsolete guns.
  3. Milco designs and builds “kits” consisting of replacement arms, yokes, side plates and shanks according to Milco design standards.
  4. The purchase and installation of the Milco “kits” represented a significant savings compared to purchasing complete replacement weld guns.



  1. The redesigned components are working as intended without issue.
  2. Satisfied customer with dramatically reduced downtime and related expenses.
  3. Customer has come back to Milco multiple times since for additional help on similar problems, including a major installation of new Milco weld guns.
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