Welform Electrodes


Welform Electrodes was founded in 1979 by second generation Milco Manufacturing leadership. Over the years, we developed techniques for working with copper that are unmatched in the industry. Through constant innovation and development, our company is able to provide unique products that bend the rules of “standard parts”.

Here at Welform Electrodes, we create custom parts and fittings that serve our client’s resistance welding needs while simultaneously improving their bottom line. The company’s product offerings include cap adaptors, laminated leaf shunts, electrode holders, projection welding electrodes, industrial buss bars as well as custom components and machining. Welform is known for their process of reverse engineering – they manufacture any consumable copper component provided by the client based on their specific needs rather than trying to fit them to their existing Welform product line.

Welform Electrodes is known for always being at the forefront of technology. Back in 1983, they were the first in the industry to replace pegboards with CNC machines and, to this day, are the only manufacturers that are not afraid to work with challenging materials, such as beryllium. They are confident in their process and in turn deliver the highest quality copper products out there.

Our cutting edge process and over-the-top customer service positions us as the leaders in this industry. Contact us now to get started on your Welform experience.

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