Members of the American Welding Society Detroit

Welform Electrodes is a proud to be members of the American Welding Society Detroit, supporting the advancement of the resistance welding industry. Our company was founded over 30 years ago with the philosophy of remaining true to our craft, which is why we are honored to be a part of the welding industry’s history and future right here in our own community.

As members of the American Welding Society Detroit, we are part of a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to advance the education, technology and growth of the welding industry and welding applications. We became a part of AWS because we are passionate about pushing the industry forward with our craftsmanship and strive to stay true to the quality and strength of our craft. As members of AWS, we are able to inspire and educate future generations and open up opportunities for those looking to start a career in welding.

We are dedicated to continuously designing and manufacturing the highest quality copper welding products out there. It is our duty to provide our industry with the welding tools they need to keep their businesses operational. We are proud members of the American Welding Society Detroit and will continue to educate ourselves and our industry on new processes and techniques in order to create the best products with the highest quality.

Interested in learning more about being members of the American Welding Society Detroit? Contact us today!

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