Industrial Buss Bars


Welform has been manufacturing copper components since 1979. We can create custom parts and fittings that not only serve your purpose in resistance welding, but can also create dramatic differences in your bottom line. Welform industrial buss bars can be designed and manufactured to your specific design and needs.

Welform industrial buss bars can be made from either aluminum or copper in order to efficiently meet all of your current transfer needs. When working with Welform, you will never have to worry about the quality or effectiveness of our buss bars. We make sure we have the proper cooling requirements and water flow to ensure the system runs smoothly, without overheating.

The Welform mentality is to remain true to our craftsmanship. We have been using our trusted process for over 30 years allowing us to create industrial buss bars that fit our client’s exact manufacturing needs. Here at Welform, we know the recipes to correctly complete the process from start to finish. Our ability to design and manufacture anything our customers may need allows us to provide the experience and quality work they deserve. As they say, “If Welform can’t do it, no one can.”

Interested in learning more about our industrial buss bars? Contact us today to get started on your Welform experience.

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