Copper Welding Materials

Welform has been manufacturing welding components out of copper welding materials since opening our doors in 1979. We can create custom parts and fittings that not only serve your purpose in resistance welding, but can also create dramatic differences in your bottom line. Through constant innovation and development of our techniques, we are able to provide unique products that bend the rules of “standard parts”.

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience working with copper welding materials, we can create everything from cap adapters to laminated leaf shunts, projection welding electrodes and more. We are known as the cold forming experts in the industry, meaning we can create the exact custom parts you need to meet your resistance welding needs.

Our old world craftsmanship has been recreated for new world applications in order to provide you with the newest, most efficient and effective copper welding materials out there. Not to mention, our extensive presence around the world allows us to properly understand global standards and specifications making it easy to work with companies overseas. Here at Welform, we raise the bar to create the best products with the highest quality to help your company grow and succeed.

Interested in learning more about how we work with copper materials? Contact us today to get started on your Welform experience.

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